Microblading eyebrows


Microblading eyebrows  requires a wide array of knowledge by your technician. You can rest assured at HM Advanced Skin & Lash Spa that our technician has expertise in creating a style, hair thickness, sanitation, aftercare and color, all aspects that are important when choosing your microblading artist . Microblading is a process that can be used to improve or create eyebrow definition, it can cover gaps of lost hair, extend eyebrows past their natural look or can even be a full reconstruction.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. The procedure uses a small hand held blade to individually create each hair stroke, allowing our skilled permanent makeup artist to control the shape, color and density of the completed brows. Choosing a spa that offers an expert microblading service can be difficult, but at HM Advanced Skin & Lash Spa, we work to ensure everything about the process is easy and as smooth as possible. Our experienced technician is extremely knowledgeable, microblading eyebrows is one of her specialities, she is proficient on how to achieve predictable results as well as the microblading healing process.

Ombré brows

Also known as powder brows or shaded brows, is a semi permanent makeup procedure. The technique dives a light to dark ombré look, darker at the tail and fading to a softer look toward the bulb(front) of the brow. This powder ombré technique uses an electrical machine to implant a soft shaded brow pencil look that is very natural looking. This technique does not mimic the appearance of hair.
A combination of Ombré and Microblading can be done (hybrid) to acheive the ultimate look. This will give you a soft powder finish but fill in any gaps in the natural hair giving a denser look. For people that do not tolerate traditional Microblading strokes a digital machine can be used to create fine hair strokes.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Microblading is similar to tattooing so your skin may experience some discomfort ranging from mild to moderate pain. At HM Advanced Skin & Lash Spa, we will ask you questions to understand your pain tolerance and provide a service that never exceeds it. While we are not able to give injectable anaesthetic, our technician will use a topical cream to numb the area and provide as little discomfort as possible.

Is Microblading Permanent?

Microblading consists of two appointments – 1 consultation and initial application, and a second one at least 4 weeks later to help refine strokes and color. Although described as semi permanent Microblading is still in essence a tattoo and pigment is being deposited into the dermis. When taken care of, Microblading can last a couple of years. Due to the nature of the pigment and how individuals care for their brows over time fading will occur. Elements such as UV exposure and exfoliating agents used on the skin can expedite color fading.

Typically we encourage clients to touch up their microblading on average every couple of years to keep them looking as fresh as the day they were first done. We typically see our service of microblading after 2 years continue to be visible in our clients which is a great reason to visit us – we can work to achieve that result for you.

Microblading Photos

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